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Ready for some smokin' hot lesbian lovin'?

The Real L Word is finally here, and we were lucky enough to chat up the sexy Showtime ladies at this week's big premiere to get the scoop on what to expect from The L Word offshoot. Hint: There are weddings to be planned, and fields to to played, so get in here and see what you'll be missing if you don't tune in. But really, why on Earth would you do that?! 

"Firstly, it's about lesbians," show runner Ilene Chaiken teases." It's also completely unscripted, it really is reality. It's respectful reality," she adds.

Respectful reality is something we can get on board with, what with all the table-flipping, money-hungry crazies that reality TV sometimes brings to us. "We chose six women who we thought were interesting and complex and had a lot to say."

And do they ever have things to say. Brides-to-be Nikki and Jill claim they never met the other castmembers until they all did a photo shoot after filming. Says Nikki: "All of our stories were autonomous and organic. We weren't voted off an island or living in a house with one another." "They really were just documenting our lives," Jill adds. 

On the flip side of their domesticity is Rose, described as "the hard-partying real estate adviser", and she is happy to report that she could just be herself during filming. "If I wanted to be a jerk that day, they didn't care. It was fly-on-the-wall videotaping."

But back to love! Fellow newly engaged lady Mikey says she agreed to be a part of the show because "it was about sharing the human heart, and sharing your story. The whole point of doing this was really just to get our message across, and try to change some minds about homosexuality."

Mikey's a prime example of how different The Real L Word is from other reality shows—they all have actual jobs. (We're talking to you, Hills cast!) "I'm superpassionate about my work," she tells us. "We're all out really trying to make a living and delve into our careers."

Yeah, but all we really want to know is if we'll get to see Mikey's big proposal go down on camera? "You'll have to stay tuned and watch!" Oh, she's a coy one.

Also in the mix is dreadlocked artist Whitney, but we'll tell you more about the show's bad girl in next week's Spoiler Chat. P.S.: She's awesome.

Does this reality show sound like the real deal? Comment below and tune in for the premiere of The Real L Word June 20 on Showtime.

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