Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller

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Guess this means Charlie Sheen won't be getting any conjugal visits during his time in lockup.

E! News has learned that Brooke Mueller will not be accompanying her troubled and by all accounts estranged hubby to Aspen's Pitkin County Courthouse Monday, where he is expected to cop to misdemeanor assault and begin a 30-day jail sentence.

"We never contemplated her coming," her attorney Yale Galanter said. Sounds pretty final to us.

Galanter tells E! News that while Mueller won't be at Sheen's side for next week's hearing, the Two and a Half Men star will nonetheless have her complete support…in entering a jail cell as soon as humanly possible.

"There was a deal that was done but I'm reluctant to discuss the specifics of the deal until it is approved and accepted by the court," the lawyer  said of reports that Sheen could begin serving his time as immediately as Monday.

"If there was jail time involved, it would behoove all parties if Charlie go in and do it immediately."

Still, while Brooke and Charlie may be "done done," they're not necessarily, well, done.

"They are totally committed to trying to work it out," he said. "Whether they will or they won't, I don't know yet."

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Check out the couple in happier times.

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