Nikki Reed

Courtesy of Getty Images

Could Nikki Reed be a little jealous of the press Twilight costars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been getting because of their new movies? 

Or maybe she's looking for a new BFF à la Paris Hilton?

Could be both:

Nikki is on the cover of this month's Saturday Night Magazine and one lucky fan can win a hang-out sesh with the paparazzi-shy star.

Uh, not sure if Rob or Kristen are going to be offering themselves up in a contest anytime soon, so this could be your chance to get as close to a Twi star as you ever will—even if the celeb isn't Edward or Bella.

Awful Truth Nikki Reed Poll
We know some of you have mixed feelings about the brunette babe, so tell us: Would you want to meet her?


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