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Now here's a side of Tyra Banks that we haven't seen.

The usually plucked and pouting diva looked weak and weary as she shuffled (instead of strutted) her way to get lunch with a friend in New York. Gone was the glam and glitz of the former-top model and, we hate to be harsh, but, between the bags under her eyes and her so-morose mood, the normally fierce babe looked like, well, hell.

Besides her over-the-top 'tude, Ty seems to be missing something else of late, too:

Like that "fat ass" she so proudly told us all to kiss on her daytime gab fest!

Remember that?

Of course you do, it was the only time Tyra—the show, not the lady—garnered Oprah-like buzz. When the tabs started poking at the Victoria Secret model's not-as-slender bikini body, a teary and truly pissed off Tyra took the offensive and deemed herself a sort of advocate for fuller figured women.

Well, seems that accepting your body and focusing on your inner beauty—one of Tyra's life lessons—is as out-of-fashion as Crocs. After announcing the end of her talk show, Tyra has been showing off a super-slimmed down figure both around town and on her never-ending quest to find America's Next Top Model.

So what happened?

Is this push towards a petite frame all some elaborate plan for Ty's post-chatfest career? We're disappointed but not totally surprised Tyra changed her mind—and waist size. If you've followed the power-hungry prima donna's many sound bites, you'll know that consistency isn't one of her prime concerns in life (or humility, just saying).

'Tho the model-turned-mogul claims she's hanging up her interview mic to start a movie studio, we can't help but wonder if she's still vying for Oprah's prime position. And leave it to Tyra to come up with the best way to show she's the next O: by mimicking Oprah's infamous up-and-down weight loss rollercoaster.

"Kiss my skinny ass" probably won't get as many people applauding though, will it?


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