Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom

Courtesy of Denise Truscello

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr spotted sitting next to each other on a United flight from Los Angeles to New York very recently.

There's no arguing that this is one of the more gorgeous duos struttin' their stuff around both towns, but whether or not their relaysh is on the rocks could be up for debate:

A fellow flier up in business class with Miranda and Orlando say the duo was hardly snuggly on the 5-hour-plus flight.

"They didn't speak to each other the entire way out [to New York]," dishes a slightly confused passenger next to Orly and his main squeeze. Adds our frequent-flyer eyes:

"Once the plane landed, Orlando nudged Miranda to move forward so they could get out and she turned around and screamed at him."

Yikes, we were hoping for a totally different "and they couldn't keep their hands off each other" description of the babes in flight.

Why so testy, M?

Perhaps the pair is on the rocks for the lack of rock. This time last year they were fighting off engagement rumors and now they're just, well, fighting.

Oh who knows, maybe it's just traveling that has this pretty pair a tad cranky. Wouldn't count on that, though.

A couple out together over the weekend that actually seems fit to last was...

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard, dining together at The Ace Hotel in the heart of Manhattan Saturday night.

Fresh from awards season, Maggie and Peter were eating in the restaurant there at the NYC hotel, totally lovey-dovey.

"They looked super happy, kissing each other over the table throughout dinner," dishes our eyewitness.

We're also told Maggie, dressed casual in a navy shirt and grey sweater, still had that red-carpet glam appeal about her.

"She looked great. She has totally dropped all her baby weight. [Maggie] barely ate her dinner though."

Hopefully she was just too busy mooning over that adorable man of hers and not making this meal grazing a habit.

Either way, sounds like MG had a much tamer weekend than brother Jake Gyllenhaal. 'Tho we're so team Gyllenhaal, on both accounts here.

Think Jake will find someone to have a Lady and the Tramp type googly-eyed meal with? We hope so!


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