Jesse Browning, Ax Men

John Burcham/Hisotry Channel

The pain of losing a child is enough.

Authorities in Oregon tell E! News that after a three-week investigation, they have decided not to file criminal charges against Jesse Browning or anyone else in household for the fatal mauling of the Ax Men slinger's 4-year-old stepdaughter last month.

The vicious attack occurred on Feb. 28, when police say one of the Brownings' two Rottweilers "just snapped" and went after Ashlynn Anderson at their Astoria, Ore., home. The girl's mother discovered her body on the lawn, but by the time she was airlifted to a Portland trauma center she was already gone.

"The investigation revealed nothing criminal in nature, merely a set of tragic circumstances," Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin told E! News.

Bergin said a 3-year-old 80-pound spayed female named Cornelia got loose from a fenced-in backyard by jumping the enclosure. The dog then attacked Ashlynn as the girl was playing in the front yard.

Animal control officers immediately removed Cornelia and another canine, a 17-month-old, 104-pound neutered male named Junior, from the premises. Both dogs were quarantined them at Clatsop County Animal Shelter and euthanized last week after the family gave the OK.

"We couldn't absolutely say [Junior] hadn't been involved so for the family and local rules and state rules everybody just figured that would be the best thing [safety-wise] to do so both were put down," said the sheriff.

As it happens, this isn't the first time a family pet has gone berserk. The lumberjack clan had  another Rottweilers, which attacked an unidentified adult family member four months ago and also was put down.


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