Susan Boyle

AP Photo / Andrew Milligan ,PA

She's fielded a marriage proposal (kind of), turned Adam Lambert (not like that), and witnessed justice being served (no qualifiers necessary!). All in all, a pretty full week for Susan Boyle.

A teenage boy was arrested and charged this morning after breaking into Casa SuBo earlier this year. The break-in went down in late January, when Boyle returned from a highly-publicized trip away to record Simon Cowell's Haiti charity single.

See what happens when you try to do good, kids?

"A 16-year-old youth has been arrested and charged in connection with a theft that happened at a property in Yule Terrace, Blackburn, on 26 January," a spokesman for the local police confirmed.

Since the allegedly sticky-fingered supect is a minor, his identity has not been revealed, though he has been ordered to report to the Children's Reporter, the Scottish government's program for troubled or at-risk children.


SuBo was getting vindication, but elsewhere in the UK, Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler were making some serious eyes at each other. See what else has gone down abroad in our Global Party Pics gallery!

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