Looking at the new Tron: Legacy is like a real-life version of Back the Future.

You have a vision conceived in 1982, but a hot starlet, Olivia Wilde, who wasn't conceived until one year later. You have funky, blacklight-ready costumes but awesome 3-D technology. You've got a virtual Hollywood newbie in Garrett Hedlund and a Hollywood legacy and newly-crowned Oscar winner in Jeff Bridges.

For the most part, the contradictions should end there.

This Tron still appears to be a fan-geek free-for-all, packed with action and even disc battles. And, of course, Wilde's costume is nice and form-fitting. Schwing!

We'll be able to see the whole thing in theaters on Dec. 17, 2010.

Are you pumped, or was Avatar about as much 3-D action as you can stand?


Did you see the new Iron Man 2 trailer?!

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