Justin Bieber can't get enough of his favorite rappers—even if one of them is behind bars!

Fresh off his hit single "Baby" with Ludacris, the 15-year-old tween singing sensation says the soon-to-be-behind-bars Weezy is next on his to-do list.

"I want to work with Lil Wayne...once he gets out of jail," Bieber told us recently at Northview High School in Covina, Calif., where he participated in Power 106 radio's Principal for a Day contest.

That's not all we have for you from J.B. Read on for deets about his high school visit and, sadly, his lack of a dating life...

Bieber surprised a classroom and a library full of swooning high school girls during his stint as guest principal. The ladies bunched together in groups of five and ten, where they giggled and posed with their favorite pint-size songbird.

Following Bieber's photo sesh, he made his way into the school's green room, where he commanded everyone's silence and announced that if he could make one change as school principal, he would have Twitter and Facebook unblocked on all of the school's computers.

Bieber ended the day performing his hit singles, "One Time," "One Less Lonely Girl," and "Baby," alongside guitarist Dan Kanter.

But as popular as Bieber may seem with the females, the Canadian cutie admits he's single. "I didn't have a Valentine," he said. "Valentine's Day is overrated. I'm not going to lie."

—Additional reporting by Chris Hall


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