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Listen up, Leonard and Penny fans, we have something to tell you and it's not gonna be pretty. As the always lovely Kaley Cuoco (Penny) puts it, "Lenny will have issues!"

Blasphemy! Falling in geek love on The Big Bang Theory is never easy. "There are going to be some rocky mountains coming up. Life is too just easy for them right now."

We caught up with the whole BBT gang Thursday night when they were honored by the Academy of Arts & Sciences, and if you're dying to find out what these "rocky mountains" entail and why show runner Chuck Lorre tells us these two "have a long road ahead," we have the answers...

Even though Leonard and Penny are creeping toward troubled times, don't give up on the long-awaited pair just yet.

"Hey, whose relationship doesn't have issues?" Kaley shrugs. And Johnny Galecki (Leonard), for one, is totally board with what lies ahead. "I love the way that they handle [Lenny]," he admits. "In any relationship, even if it's the most substantial love of your life, there are still moments of inner fear that take priority."

Based on what we're hearing, it's actually that inner fear that starts the trouble. "People make mistakes," Chuck explains. "There's insecurity and all types of things that play into these relationships."

If this is all sounding way too deep for a half-hour sitcom about a bunch of brilliant scientists and their hot, ditzy neighbor—well, it is and the BBT gang is the first to make a joke about it.

"This isn't Lost; I have no idea where we're going," Chuck tells us with a laugh. "We just keep trying to explore the characters in new ways that we learn more about them." Oh my God, was Lenny in a wheelchair?!

There's actually some good news on the love front, too! Gone are the days of the womanizing Wolowitz, who's taken up with equally smart Bernadette (Melissa Rauch). "She makes Wolowitz want to be a better man," Simon Helberg says. "She brings out a lot of layers that show some depth and shows that he has room to grow. As far as I know, she'll be back."

And if not, there's always Katee Sackhoff! According to Chuck, "She is very much Wolowitz's conscience, and it couldn't be a better opportunity for him to discuss the choices he makes in life than to sit in the bathtub with Katee Sackhoff." Simon—shocker!—agrees.

"For more scenes in the bathtub with Katee, I will adapt to whatever she represents, be it my conscience or just a girl in the bathtub." What a trouper.

How do you feel about the future of Lenny? Are you hoping they're in it for the long haul? Do you secretly dream about more Wolowitz and Katee in the tub? Sound off in the comments.

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