Angelina Jolie

Marco Di Lauro/UNHCR via Getty Images

We know what you're thinking. And so does Angelina Jolie. You and your cynical heart see a photo of the U.N. do-gooder consoling the children of a third-world nation, and immediately assume the Oscar winner has embarked on a new baby-collecting mission.

And while you may have been right once before (OK, more than once before), you're not now. At least, not yet.

In a sit-down with CNN's Christiane Amanpour set to air this weekend, Jolie addressed the speculation that seems to follow her travels, denying that she and Brad Pitt were currently thinking of adopting a child from Haiti.

"I'm always open to children around the world," she said in the interview, airing in full Sunday night. "We're that kind of a family; Brad and I talk about that. But that's not what we're focusing on at this time, by any means. We're not here for that.

"We're here to see how we can help protect the children in country and scale up the needs here."

Now don't you feel bad about yourself? Good. Then Angie's work is done.


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