Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt getting back to the grind last night, leaving his Los Feliz compound for his office in Beverly Hills.

Hmm, glad to see the still scruffy and smelly lookin' dad is throwing himself into work at least. 'Tho we wouldn't mind if he put a little effort into his fading appearance.

Speaking of appearances, ya think that "bad day" with life-partner Angelina Jolie is all in the past?

Hardly. Brad was still as grumpy and miserable looking as ever!

"He seemed pissed off," an eyewitness tells E! "When he saw the paparazzi at his office, he was not happy at all."

Granted, we don't know anyone who would be thrilled at a swarm of shutterbugs trying to capture your every move, but BP seemed to put on a good performance Saturday in LA, it's a shame he couldn't do the same last night.

Pitt, who was driving a new black Mercedes and still sporting that gangly goatee, spent about two hours inside the office for his Plan B Production Company and didn't leave until 8 p.m.

As Brad was exiting the office driveway and saw the awaiting paparazzi, we're told he became super angered and tried to scare the guys off.

"He started to drive a little crazy like he was going to run over the photographers," our on site source tells us. "He didn't hit anyone but sped off back to his Los Feliz house."

Super eager to go home to the Missus, we assume?


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