Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly

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We're there on the ground getting you all the Comic-Con intel you need to know—and plenty of photos in our Comic-Con gallery. Here are the highlights from day one:

Keanu Comes in Peace (Except for the Killer Nanobots): Keanu Reeves took to the Comic-Con stage to introduce a preview of The Day the Earth Stood Still, a remake of the classic Robert Wise sci-fi tale about a messianic alien named Klaatu who says he's looking for peace but is met with war (and, in the new one, Jennifer Connelly).

However, in this new version, the alien played by Keanu seems considerably more warlike himself. In the film's trailer, you get a glimpse of an interrogation scene, and the Comic-Con crowd got to see more. Realizing Keanu may be a threat, his interrogator hits the electric-shock button—only to find the signal reverses back on him. Keanu takes his suit, and walks out, looking remarkably...Neo-like.

“In the original, Klaatu was a little warm and fuzzy,” said Reeves. “I’m not that guy!”

Considering he seems to have deadly nanobot clouds that can eat football stadiums, we'd have to agree.

Rose McGowan, Robert Rodriguez

Roland Wagner/

Better Off Red: Director Robert Rodriguez seems to have thousands of projects in the pipeline. Which ones are actually going to happen? We found out.

Barbarella? Delayed, but still possible. Sin City 2? Frank Miller finished the script a few months ago, but they don’t know how long it’ll take to get everyone back together again.

Up next? Looks like it's gonna be Red Sonja, starring current squeeze Rose McGowan and featuring some eye-catching poster art. McGowan showed up in a shiny green number she called her “comic-book outfit,” so clearly she knows her audience. Shooting on the flick hasn’t yet begun, but Rodriguez plans to have a hands-on role (even though officially the director will be Rodriguez’ regular first A.D. Doug Aarniokoski).

As for the sword and sorcery world of Robert E. Howard's Sonja, Rodriguez promises a darker tone than the original Brigitte Nielsen flick.

“I will not have a mullet!” swears McGowan.

Rodriguez also revealed he’s in talks to bring back Howard's other famous warrior, Conan the Barbarian. So add that to the list.

The one thing he won’t do? A full-length cooking video. He says Best Buy asked him to do one based on the ten-minute cooking shorts he puts on his DVDs, but he passed. He plans to take on Texas barbecue in the upcoming two-disc Grindhouse DVD.

We're just glad he didn't ask Eli Roth to help him prepare Thanksgiving dinner.

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