Best friends forever?

This may not be the case for longtime friends Kristin Cavallari and Kelly Henderson. In an all-new teaser for season three of Very Cavallari (which premieres on Thursday, Jan 9), the Uncommon James boss reveals that she's at odds with the hair and makeup artist.

"She hasn't really been there for me," the Laguna Beach veteran reveals to her girlfriends.

Although Cavallari touts that "everything happens for a reason," she's seemingly shaken up over her estrangement with Henderson. As E! readers surely know, Kelly has been Kristin's closest confidant over the last two Very Cavallari seasons.

"We aren't even speaking right now," Cavallari is heard saying. "I don't know, maybe I'm just figuring out who my real friends are."

"I'm so sorry," close friend Justin Anderson empathetically responds.

Understandably, Cavallari expresses a desire to have friends she can "really count on." And, with her continued business success, Kristin needs those who can build her up.

"You're the toughest girl I know," Anderson adds in support.

It appears there will be more girl boss moments from Kristin this season, who seemingly already has another project underway. As was previously teased in a Very Cavallari sneak peek, Cavallari is ready to expand her Uncommon James presence with more "brick and mortar" locations.

"Once my mind gets set on something, that's what's happening," the former MTV personality confidently states.

Does that apply to Kristin's friendships too? For that answer, be sure to catch the premiere on Jan. 9!

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