It's a supernatural spit take!

Psychic medium Matt Fraser and beauty queen Alexa Papigiotis are joining the E! family thanks to their hilarious new show, Meet the Frasers (premiering Monday, Jan. 13). Thus, Dating #NoFilter's Kelsey Darragh sat down with the unique couple for some LOL-worthy fun.

Specifically, as seen in the video above, Kelsey chose to test Matt and Alexa's sense of humor. The twist? They had to keep their mouths filled with water while hearing spooky jokes.

"What do you get when you cross cheddar cheese with a sorcerer," Kelsey asked at the start of the game. "Cheez wiz."

While Matt and Alexa started out strong, it didn't take long for them to start taking spit takes. The Meet the Frasers couple weren't the only ones tested as Kelsey also got in on the fun.

In fact, she let out quite the spit after Matt made a funny face mid-joke.

"That's the thing, his faces," Alexa stated in support.

"It's his frickin' face," Kelsey defended.

The hilarity didn't stop there as Matt eventually spat all over Kelsey following one zombie-related joke.

"What's one thing a zombie can never be at a social gathering?" the E! personality inquired before being spit on. "The life of the party."

Unsurprisingly, Kelsey more than cracked up by Matt's massive spit take. Not only did Kelsey tease Matt for being a "dirty dog," she also claimed she was "melting" from the water.

For this laugh out loud moment and more, be sure to watch the video in its entirety above!

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