The Mindy Project Cast Already Has Ideas About a Potential Revival

Hulu original series entered into its sixth and final season on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

By Billy Nilles Sep 12, 2017 7:01 PMTags
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The Mindy Project may have just entered into its final season, but its cast is already looking ahead to the potential (and let's face it, in this day and age, probably inevitable) revival.

"I would be very, very to carry on doing this for as long as the government will allow me in this country," Ed Weeks, who's starred as Jeremy Reed for all six seasons, told E! News when we caught up with the cast at their big premiere event. When asked if the finale leaves a door open for a return, he admitted that, like most shows these days, it does. "People always come back," he said, referencing the upcoming Will & Grace revival. "Listen, I would be up for us all coming together in our '60s, '70s, '80s, still being gynecologists, but just with shaky hands."

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"I mean, it's not like we all die at the end," Xosha Roquemore, who stars as Tamra on the Hulu original series, added. "I think these people will still be living and existing in New York City."

As the series returns for season six, Mindy Kaling's on-screen alter ego will be dealing with the repercussions of her quickie marriage to nurse Ben (Bryan Greenberg) at the end of last season. Turns out, married life isn't all it was cracked up to be. While the final season will see her grapple with the reality of the ill-advised union, the one and only Danny Castellano (Chris Messina) will wind up back in her life. If we were betting people, we'd put money on a happily ever after for those two.

"Mindy has written the most beautiful script. It is the most beautiful finale," Salvador Perez, the show's costume designer, previously told E! News. "For the stories, they just wrap up. And you don't get that emotion where it ends awkwardly. She just puts a nice little bow on this, and you're just going to walk away satisfied, happy for everybody, and I am so excited for everybody to see this final episode."

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The Mindy Project's season six premiere is now streaming on Hulu. New episodes premiere every Tuesday.