Jessie James Decker Reveals the Biggest Lesson Her Mother Taught Her

Singer talks with E! News ahead of Mother's Day

By Kendall Fisher, Alessandra Mortellaro May 12, 2017 9:45 PMTags
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Jessie James Decker is a mommy, first and foremost.

E! News chatted with the 29-year-old ahead of Mother's Day to discuss the upcoming holiday and her life as a working mommy with her two kids, Vivanne, 3, and Eric II, 1.

Though she didn't have any set plans for Mother's Day just yet, she dished, "I'm sure Eric [Decker] has something up his sleeve. But typically I am just happy to spend the day with the kids and my hubby. We are big on mornings with our coffee together, watching the kids play and eat their breakfast. I'm sure we will have a morning like that!"

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And speaking of sneaking in that special time with her kids, Jessie revealed some of the struggles she faces while juggling motherhood and work.

"The hardest part is when I have to go out of town or go on trips for work and having to explain to Vivi that mommy has to leave for work," she explained. "I'm fortunate that I don't have to go to a consistent job every day that takes me away all day long, but the hard part is having to leave out of town for chunks of time."


However, she feels confident that her kids will appreciate it in the future.

"I know when they get a little older they will be really proud of how hard their mommy works and hopefully set a good example for them," she said.

In fact, that's exactly how she feels about her own mother

"My mom is a beautiful, amazing woman. We didn't have a ton of money growing up and even at one point we were living on food stamps," Jessie recalled, "But my mom still managed to make sure we ate healthy and were always fed nutritious meals! She has inspired me so much to be so grateful for everything, and you have to work hard to meet your goals."

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Jessie continued, "The one thing I learned from her is how to be the best mom I can be. She still teaches me her tips and tricks for managing life as a mom and how to keep my babies happy. So far, I know I know I'm doing a great job and have made mama proud. I have the happiest most confident babies, and I know it's because they feel that strong love from their parents."

Other than celebrating all the joy that comes with Mother's Day, Jessie is also looking forward to summer!


The singer dished her summer essentials, which consist of: "Burts Bees lip balm, chips and salsa, sunglasses and my kittenish fedora hat that I have worn the heck out of," she told us. "I also always have the toffee nut bar on me from South Beach Diet. They are way too good!"

As you may recall, the mother-of-two is also an ambassador for the South Beach Diet, which is really just a lifestyle for her at this point.

"I have always followed a healthy protein and lower carb lifestyle," she told us. "With South Beach Diet, I can pick some of my favorites treats and keep running my daily life."

Jessie said she's always trying to find a balance in her life and her workouts.

"I love to hit the gym when I can. I usually work out three times a week and do circuit training," she explained. "It's a lot of weights—that's why protein is so important to me. If I don't have the right amount of protein, my body knows it."