How Does Jessie James Decker Do It? Singer Talks Juggling Married Life, Two Kids, Post-Baby Body Ideals & More

"It is a learning process," Jessie tells E! News exclusively

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Jessie James Decker is a master juggler.

Between being a wife to NFL pro Eric Decker, a country singer, a mother to two little ones, Vivianne and Eric Thomas II, and a new partner with Colgate for their #SmileforPictureDay campaign which brings awareness to children's dental hygiene, there's no doubt that the 27-year-old is honing in on her multi-tasking skills, and she was able to tell us how she makes it all work.

"It is a learning process," Jessie tells E! News exclusively. "It is quite a juggle. I still think kind of hard-headed and refuse to hire help, so I don't know if I'm ever gonna change my mind on that. I can't imagine anyone else holding my babies right now."

Given the busy schedule, Decker admits that she and her hubby haven't had too much alone time, but that's OK, because the star states their foundation is strong enough to handle it.

"We talk about how sometimes the marriages don't work out once the kids are born because they're so tired," she tells us, "but we're so madly in love and we just have an incredible foundation. There's so much love that even if we don't get to have alone time, it's fine. It's a little chaotic, but we just love each other so much that it doesn't affect us so I'm really grateful for that."


Decker has also been a positive role model when it comes to crushing post-baby body ideals, recently posting a candid selfie that showed her stomach "pooch," and encouraged new moms to stand against the pressure of having to lose weight quickly.

The new mommy explained that she was inspired to post the honest photo after comments started pouring in on a previous picture about how skinny she was after having the baby. "It made me feel bad because maybe I was setting them up to think that this was realistic," Decker tells E! News.

"So the next morning, I decided I was gonna show them what my stomach really looks like under this shirt," Jessie adds, "I wanted to show them what it really looked like."


And as you might imagine, the response from fans was overwhelmingly positive.

"I think they felt like I was just trying to normalize and show people that you don't have to look perfect after having a baby. We put way too much pressure on ourselves. It's unrealistic," Jessie tells E! News.

"So I think it made women feel better that we were all in this together, which I feel we should do more—inspire each other instead of knocking each other down all the time. It's just nasty. I think we need to help each other out. It's hard being a mom."

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Another taboo topic that Jessie faced head-on was breastfeeding...or rather, the notion of openly breastfeeding your child in public.

Decker joins a growing list of female celebs who have taken to social media to openly slam the idea that women nursing openly isn't appropriate, by posting a few photos of her son breastfeeding.

"I really don't know what the big deal is," Jessie admits. "I've always been kinda free like that and comfortable with my body. Women are posting half-naked pictures of themselves on Instagram butt-naked every single day and it's OK, but I can't show cleavage when feeding my child. It's just unbelievable how ignorant people can be. It frustrates me," she adds, and reassures us that there will be many more pictures to come.

As for the couple adding to their brood? "I feel really good with this number right now and that might be because I've been pregnant for two years and I want to focus on the kids that we have and give them all the attention we can because they're so young," Decker tells E! News. "I don't know how I'll feel in two or three years, maybe we'll want a third."

Until then, Jessie is focusing on her twosome at home, and hoping her partnership with Colgate helps start a strong foundation for Viv's dental hygiene. "It was really important to me because I have a daughter and dental hygiene starts at home," she tells us.

"And at first she wasn't really into brushing her teeth, so I found the best way is to brush them together. So Viv and I do it every morning and every night, we stand there and brush our teeth together."

Too cute!

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