Bryan Cranston, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert


If you didn't know, Bryan Cranston has been a part of the Power Rangers world for a long time.

Cranston first appeared in the series in the '90s, playing various different monsters thanks to his "rather low" voice. Sadly, he never got to play an actual Power Ranger. Cranston appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Monday, and surprised audience members by walking out onto the set dressed as the red Power Ranger. While discussing Saban's Power Rangers, the Breaking Bad alum opened up about his role as Zordon.

"I'm not a Power Ranger per se," Cranston explained. "I play a character named Zordon, which is a disembodied head in the walls of a ship, which, you know, is very common."

As fans know, a White Ranger, a Red Ranger, a Black Ranger, a Blue Ranger, a Yellow Ranger and a Pink Ranger comprise the heroic group, so when Cranston donned the red uniform, host Stephen Colbert had to ask why that color.

"Well, I've always wanted to be a Ranger," Cranston said, shyly. Didn't we all, Cranston. Didn't we all.

Colbert noted many of Cranston's award-winning roles and said doing voice-over work must have been an easy job because he could "wear sweatpants all the time."

"That's not the reason I took the job, Stephen!" Cranston joked, adding that he actually recorded his parts in the buff because of his "nudity clause."

"I have to be naked all the time," Cranston said.

Cranston and Colbert also revisited one of the Trumbo star's villainous roles on the superhero series, Snizzard. "It's nothing to snizzer at," Cranston joked. "I played a bunch of different monsters when the show first came over to the States from Japan. They needed to dub it into English, and I played a lot of the monsters, because even at 23 my voice was rather low, and so I would say [in a deep voice], 'You will not defeat me.'"

Watch the hilarious video above to see Cranston's dreams of becoming a Power Ranger come true.

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