Jamie Foxx celebrated his 49th birthday just last month.

"49 is the new 29," the Oscar winner said with a big smile yesterday when I sat down with him and Michelle Monaghan to talk about their new action crime thriller Sleepless.

Foxx offered up his rules for staying young. "What I noticed is for one, being in our business, you just stay active, you stay fun," he said, before cracking, "You dye the right parts of the hair that you need.

"And you hang out with younger people," the actor continued. "Like I hang out with Drake [and] hang out with Kanye West so everybody always thinks I'm a lot younger." (Asked if he's been hanging out with Drake and his new girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, Foxx deflected with a laugh, "Oh, no. That's their own thing.")

Foxx definitely keeps in good shape. Just check out his massive biceps in Sleepless. "Those are actually stunt arms," said Foxx, who plays a cop whose son is kidnapped by a Las Vegas crime boss. "I don't have those arms when I walk around. I got some stunt arms that I just click in."

Monaghan plays a detective tracking down crooked cops. During one explosive fight scene, Foxx was left with a chipped tooth after Monaghan clocked him in the mouth.

"I was like, 'I chipped your tooth,' and he was like, 'Keep going,'" Monaghan recalled. "Then the next day they were perfect."

Foxx explained, "My best friend I grew up with is actually a dentist in Atlanta where we shot. I hit him up and he pulled me in and tightened me up."

Sleepless is in theater on Jan. 13.

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