Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt: co-stars, close pals and... convicted criminals?

The Passengers duo and Michael Sheen stopped by for a chat with E! News' Catt Sadler, and what ensued was a pretty wild game that put the actors' most candid confessions on blast.

When asked who they'd recruit to rob a liquor store, Sheen was quick to call on a fairly obvious partner in crime. "Someone who is fearless, spontaneous and a fast runner," Michael told us. "I'm going to go with Jen Lawrence." 

Pratt also gravitated to J. Law, explaining, "I'd pick Jen. You'd be the diversion." As for how Lawrence felt about her role in a stick up, she teased, "I'm happy I give off that vibe. I would choose Chris Pratt because he is sneaky and conniving." 

Things quickly took a disturbing turn when Michael and Jennifer weighed in on which celebrity they'd be willing to eat. Yes, eat.

"I need to lose a few pounds so probably someone very, very slim. Maybe I don't know, Taylor Swift?" Sheen answered. Umm, yikes? 

But when it comes to Lawrence, her answer is oh-so Jen. After all, she did star in The Hunger Games. "Obviously somebody meaty, and aged pretty well. I already know what part I would do. I'd do back of the shoulder. I'd tear [the thumb] out, treat this like a drumstick. Deep fry the ears," she joked. "I guess Woody Harrelson because I know how healthy he is. It's like a grass fed steak. Also, I'd probably get high by eating him."

For even more LOL-worthy moments from the Passengers stars, watch the rest of our interview above! 

Passengers flies into theaters Dec. 21. 

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