Justin Timberlake recently tweeted, "Who's ready to TimberlakeAndChill?"

It was all to promote the premiere of his Jonathan Demme-directed concert film Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids on Netflix on Oct. 12.

So when I caught up the superstar singer last night at the Toronto International Film Festival, I asked how he likes to chill.

"I have a 17-month-old, there's not a lot of chilling happening right now," he said referring his and Jessica Biel's son Silas. "But I've got to say, man, it's just fun to sit and watch him."

And sing to him.

"We do a lot of  "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," Timberlake said. "He does his abc's."

Timberlake then rapped part of the alphabet. "And I'm like, 'Next time won't you sing with...,' and he turns around and he goes, 'Me!' And it's like, 'You're a genius!' You know, he's everything and I just like hanging out with him."

Last night, it was about getting out there for Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids.

JT admitted he was "pinching" himself while also "nervous" about watching it with such a large audience inside Roy Thompson Hall.

He had nothing to worry about. The crowds outside and inside the theater went nuts for him when he arrived.

Can he ever get used to women screaming, "I love you, Justin," at the top of their lungs?

"They don't really know me," Timberlake cracked. "I mean, if they did, they'd probably change their minds. You know, I smell. I don't smell good all the time."

As for last night, I can confirm that there was absolutely nothing stinky about Mr. Timberlake.

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