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From scared-y cat to filtered cat, North West has completely overcome her fear of the (dun, dun, dunnnn) "Snapchap!"

Yes, the toddler has officially become the star of mama Kim Kardashian's Snapchat because, let's be honest, every time the reality star posts something to her story, it's simply not the same if Nori isn't in it!

But it took a good amount of time for the little princess to find the courage to face those filters she used to hate so much. Let's take a look back at just how far she's come on her journey to total social media transformation...

A few days after Kim joined Snapchat in March, little Nori finally made her debut...except she was not a huge fan of the app. 

Kanye West's baby girl was heard telling her mom in a video that she's "scared of Snapchap!" 

"Why?" Kim asked in the video after North declared her dislike. "Oh the filters with the crazy faces."

Still, North allowed her mama to grab one photo, officially marking her debut on the social media platform.

As the first month of her time on Snapchat went on, Kim was able to sneak photos and videos here and there of North, giving us insight into the tiny princess' every day life.

For example, in mid-March, the mother-of-two showed her daughter dressed in a red and white outfit as she played by herself, hanging from a bar attached the bottom of a desk. "That's a tough workout," the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is heard saying in the video.

The post featured red heart graphics, a typed text overlay that read, "She thinks it's Valentine's Day EVERYDAY!!!!!" and the words "I'm not kidding" written in red with Snapchat's drawing pen tool.

Kim also shared some insight on North's extreme dress-up abilities...This right here is "Sheriff Callie-Elsa" playing in daddy's studio one day.

Nori eventually started warming up to the social media platform by mid-May, willing to wear the pretty flower crown and even shout out to her mama's followers.

While sitting in her mama's lap here, she gave the biggest smile and said, "Hi Snapchat!"

Finally, North totally overcame her fear of the "Snapchap" by the end of May,  taking over the platform one day with her mama and trying on all the silly filters!

Since then, the toddler has become a star on Snapchat, causing us to continuously fawn over her adorableness. 

For example, when she turned into a little bee and made up her own buzz-worthy (get it?) song to go with it.

And when she turned into a little diva-in-training.

And when she swapped faces with her mama.

She became such a Snapchat queen, she even realized when every girl's favorite filter finally allowed two people to turn into dogs, adding a little Dalmatian!  

Now, North has mastered the perfect Snapchat poses—like this little island cutie!

And this groooovy gal!

Most recently, she showed off how to be a golden goddess.

And melted our hearts with some seriously precious dance moves.

It's safe to say, she's become just as much of a Snapchat queen as her mama.

Check out her cutest filtered moments with Kim in the gallery below!

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