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It's all in the wrist.

Nailing the perfect winged liner is an art, and it often takes a celebrity makeup artist, like Rob Scheppy, to get the job done. For that reason, we made the beauty expert show us (and tell you) exactly how Cara Delevingne's was done. 

"The first step would be to grab your favorite liquid or felt-tip liner," stated the pro. "With it, you're eventually going to make a really thick line, so take it in strides. Start by making your first line of liner as close to the lashes as possible and build up from there until you get the desired thickness. It's important to remember though that everyone has a different eye shape, so your desired thickness should also be what looks best on you. For example: If you don't have a lot of lid, you'd wouldn't want to go as thick as Cara—you'd go thinner. And if you have a lot of lid space, you can go a little thicker, a.k.a. meet Cara at that same thickness."

ESC: Cara Delevingne, Tutorial


Now for the wings. 

"If you wanted yours to be straighter than Cara, there's an easy trick you can do with a playing card," said Rob. "Use its edge as a ruler, place it in the spot you want and trace away. But because hers is more curved, you'll need to free-hand it a little and flick up your eye liner. Pro tip: Wing out your liner with your eyes open. A lot of people do it with their eyes closed or looking down, but you look at others straight on, so why wouldn't you want to know exactly how it would look? It's trickier, I know, but practice makes perfect. It's the best way to measure how it's actually going to look."

Twiggy would be proud.

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