Queen tritan!

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Leave it to Amy Schumer to make bodyboarding look flawless.

After a few bustling weeks filled with an Emmy win, opening for Madonna on tour, and a multi-million dollar book deal, the 34-year-old spent some well-deserved quality time on the coast. Instead of simply lounging beachside, the Trainwreck actress was a whirlwind of energy as she mastered many classic shore activities, including the art of flying a kite. Fortunately for everyone, she captured it all on video for us to play on repeat. 

The comedian was videotaped running across the water's edge trying to launch a pink bird kite all while rocking an itty bitty black bikini. "Success," she captioned the video.

Hmmm, not sure if that's quite the word we'd use, but it was entertaining all the same. 

In a game of "Where's Waldo," Schumer continued to let loose alongside hilarious pal Bridget Everett, a frequent guest on Schumer's award-winning series on Comedy Central, Inside Amy Schumer. 

Amy Schumer, Bridget Everett, Beach, Instagram


The couple of comics posed in an aerial shot standing in the scenic sand while Schumer threw her arms up above her head. "Find me and @bridgeteverett," she challenged fans.

We could never miss you, Amy.


A video posted by @amyschumer on

In a second video, Schumer tried her luck at another activity: bodyboarding. She went pedal to the medal as a wave took her straight to shore, Schumer screaming the entire time. It almost looks like she lost her bikini top in the process, but the jury is still out on that.

She dubbed herself "Queen tritan," in her caption of the video on Instagram—a reference to King Triton, the Greek mythological messenger of the sea. All she needs now is a crown and a royal trident. 

Amy Schumer, Scrambled Eggs, Instagram


In an earlier shot taken over the weekend, Schumer posed makeup-free by the stove with a friend making scrambled eggs and clenching a piece of toast. "Because I'm worth it," the blonde beauty wrote about the photo—a subtle nod to L'Oréal's slogan, "Because you're worth it." We'd venture to say Schumer is worth much more than a pan of eggs, but it will suffice before a bustling beach day.

A champion of body confidence, Schumer is never one to shy away from her imperfections in the public eye. This fun-filled weekend is yet another example of her willingness to let it all hang out no matter the criticism. 

Queen Triton, you're a bombshell!

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