It's family bonding time for Patrick Stewart and his real-life son on the actor's Starz comedy, Blunt Talk, when Daniel Stewart plays his dad's on-screen son in an upcoming episode.

The elder Stewart stars in the dark comedy as Walter Blunt, a badly behaving famous English talk show host living in Los Angeles—a.k.a. a much edgier glimpse of the man formerly known as Captain Picard than we're used to seeing. In the Saturday, Sept. 26 episode, "Goodnight, My Someone," the lookalike younger Stewart plays Walter's estranged son who returns to LA for a boxing match, prompting the duo to attempt to make peace with each other.

You can see their resemblance in E! News' clip above, which features Walter attempting to extend an olive branch by asking to stand in his son's corner (literally) during his fight.

Blunt Talk, Patrick Stewart, Daniel Stewart

Justina Mintz/STARZ

Patrick Stewart told E! News ahead of the show's premiere that he's loving this chance to tackle comedy. "It is wonderful hearing people laugh," he dished. "I hosted a comedy show in Montreal last week in a two thousand seat theater, and it was incredible to be alone on stage and saying things and hearing people laughing. It is probably better than hearing people sob or groan or cry out or weep or something like that."

He continued, "I've never had this much fun. I've done jobs that I've loved, and not wanted them to end, but not sustained fun as we have done on this."

Blunt Talk airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on Starz.

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