Patrick Stewart, Blunt Talk


Patrick Stewart is kind of like the Hollywood version of a unicorn. He's a very rare combination of brilliant, funny, down to earth and most importantly, royal. Whenever you have the pleasure to be in the presence of Sir Patrick, you should count yourself as lucky.

Which is why we knew that his Reddit AMA was going to be good. After all, his Twitter account is something of a masterpiece, and conducting an Ask Me Anything is basically one giant Twitter post. The actor signed up for his first Reddit foray to promote the premiere of his new comedy Blunt Talk, which sees him teaming up with fellow comedian Seth McFarlane

As expected, the resulting AMA was oh-so-perfectly Patrick. He kicked things off with this hilarious picture and it only got better from there. 

Sir Patrick opened up about everything from his hair (or lack thereof) to his worst habits, and we are delighted to report that his answers made almost no sense in the most amazing way. No one can pull of bizarre like Sir Patrick! Read ahead for his best Stew-isms.

On whether Star Trek actor Jonathan Frakes is better with a beard: "With a beard, preferable, because it tickles when you kiss him."

On his worst habit: "Slurping when I drink...anything."

On hobbies he'd like to pick up: "Yes! Deep-sea diving and mountaineering. There's something about going up and down that turns me on."

On the one question he would ask William Shakespeare: "My question would be: Prove to me you're William Shakespeare."

On whether his Yorkshire accent ever comes out: "Sithee, hearing my accent is like suppin' ot lead."

On carrying the Olympic torch: "Unbelievably exciting. Unbelievable because I never expected it would happen to me and as an ex-athlete and huge fan of the Olympic Games, it was one of the best days of my life. And, I ended the day taking home the torch, but I seem to have mislaid it. If anybody knows where it is, please let the @SirPatStew team know."

On how he stays young: "Well the great man Sigmund Freud said the most important things for a happy and long life were love and work and I've had a cornucopia of both."

On being accidentally funny: "Nothing I do is accidentally funny. It is all pre-meditated and carefully planned and scheduled. And if you steal one of my funny ideas, I WILL sue you."

On his favorite tea: "Easy. Yorkshire Gold. Any other kind of tea bag needs two bags. By the way, did you know that I am the man who introduced the concept of the double tea bag to the United States. Don't you think that deserves some recognition...A Medal of Honor? And invitation to the White House? Or my own seat on the next space shuttle?"

On what kind of hairstyle he would choose: "A mullet."

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