Candace Cameron Bure is speaking out in regards to the controversy currently surrounding The View.

After the panelists including Joy Behar and Michelle Collins sparked backlash and the trending topic #NursesUnite after poking fun at fellow nurse and Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson, the Fuller House star is ready to share her opinion on the drama.

"I did dodge a bullet although I wish I were there because I would have had some other words to say, which were how much I appreciate nurses," she told E! News at Entertainment Weekly's Pre-Emmys party. "We couldn't do what they do. Doctors couldn't do what they do without the nurses. I'm so appreciative and grateful of nurses."

She continued, "I kind of let [the ladies] sort it out because you don't want to come in and go ‘Oh, I'm going to be the hero and the good person over all of this' because I think it was an unfortunate mistake. They were trying to make a joke that didn't quite go over well in the talent department and it wasn't to say that nurses aren't talented."

The View, Nurses

ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua

Candace was recently named a co-host of The View, but hasn't appeared on a regular basis because she is busy shooting Fuller House in Los Angeles.

And while she hasn't arrived in New York full-time, Candace was happy to see her fellow co-hosts celebrating nurses later in the week and acknowledging their contributions day after day.

"I'm glad they brought all of the nurses back on and they gave an apology to them and they celebrated them and that's exactly what they should have done," she shared with E! News. "I wish I were there and I could of genuinely apologized to them and told them how much I appreciate them because I truly mean it."

All of the controversy first began when Collins said Johnson's act was "hilarious" and that she "basically read her emails out loud." Behar questioned as to why she wore a doctor's stethoscope onstage in the first place.

Since the comments were made, companies including Party City, Snuggle, McCormick, Johnson & Johnson and Eggland's Best have decided to pull their advertisements from the show temporarily.

As for Candace—who has three kids and plenty of experience dealing with nurses—she hopes those offended realize that all the panelists realize how important the profession is.

"I've been with so many nurses and I understand what they go through," she explained. "I've said sometimes a nurse is the only ray of sunshine that you see in a day when you're at a hospital."

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