Furious 7

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If you love car puns and trying to figure out what the hell Vin Diesel is saying, you'll love this new Honest Trailer for Furious 7!

Screen Junkies is once again getting to the bottom of an over-the-top blockbuster by telling us what this movie is really about (you know, besides making box office bank.)

Sure, each of the franchise's installments make it seem like it's the crew's last ride, but we knew they'd be back for at least one more, right?!

Furious 7 pushes the boundaries of what cars can fly out of (planes, skyscrapers) and how many times Diesel can suffer head trauma and live (crashing head-first into cars, driving off cliffs.)

Seriously, who cares how insane this movie isit's fun as f--k! They dropped cars from planes, people!

Despite having a weird timeline and not using enough of The Rock, this movie was still able to transition from ridiculous thrill ride to being a beautiful, heartfelt goodbye to Paul Walker, which is exactly what the fans wanted.

And yes, we'll probably be seeing more over-the-shoulder, dramatically-delivered proverbs from Diesel again soonbecause why stop with 7 when there are still so many more things for cars to fly out of?

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