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Fandoms run this planet, and Tumblr is basically Fandom Headquarters. So it's logical to say that the celebrities, TV shows, movies and musical acts that dominated Tumblr over the summer basically dominated the world, right? We think so.

The folks over at Tumblr Fandometrics did some data crunching to discover which TV series, celebrities, film and more took over Tumblr during the Summer, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Did Pretty Little Liars have more action than Supernatural? Did anyone talk about anything else but Avengers: Age of Ultron? Is Tumblr Team Miley Cyrus or Team Nicki Minaj? These are the important question, people! We need answers!

And we got them, thanks to the Tumblr team. And speaking of, we asked Danielle Strle, Director of Culture and Trends, why Tumblr has become the beating heart of fanbases across the world and this is what she had to say:

"Tumblr is the home for fandoms because it's a platform for people to share and explore the things they love. You curate your own media stream by following Tumblrs relevant to your personal interests, and our post-anything approach to content lets users dig deep on any topic, whether you're creating original content or curating content through the reblogging function. We see our users recapping events with screengrabs or GIFs, remixing content with pop culture, creating fan art tributes - even dreaming up entirely new narratives in the form of fan fiction. This freedom of expression has allowed extremely passionate and engaged communities to form in a way that's truly unique to Tumblr."

So did your favorite pop culture items make any of the top Tumblr lists? Find out below:

Top 10 TV Shows

Tumblr Top GIFs

1. Steven Universe
2. Orange Is the New Black
3. Teen Wolf
4. Gravity Falls
5. Big Brother 17
6. Pretty Little Liars
7. Supernatural
8. 2015 MTV Video Music Awards
9. Game of Thrones
10. Hannibal

Top 10 Movies

Tumblr Top GIFs

1. The Avengers: Age of Ultron
2. Jurassic World
3. Mad Max: Fury Road
4. Captain America: Civil War
5. Inside Out
6. Star Wars
7. Deadpool
8. Jurassic Park
9. Lord of the Rings
10. Ant-Man

Top 10 Musical Acts

One Direction Dodgeball GIFs


1. 5 Seconds of Summer
2. One Direction
3. Taylor Swift
4. Nicki Minaj
5. Twenty One Pilots
6. Halsey
7. Fall Out Boy
8. Miley Cyrus
9. Fifth Harmony
10. Rihanna

Top 10 Celebrities

Chris Pratt stretching GIFs


1. Kylie Jenner
2. Chris Evans
3. Caitlyn Jenner
4. Chris Pratt
5. Kendall Jenner
6. Dylan O'Brien
7. Jensen Ackles
8. Donald Trump
9. Cara Delevinge
10. Tom Hiddleston

See you nerds on Tumblr. We have some Star Wars: The Force Awakens theories to discuss with you all.

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