Missing Dog


"From the studio that brought you Frozen, Frozen 2, Frozen 3: The Return, Frozen 4: The Frozening and Frozen 5 1/2: This Time It's Personal, comes a heroic tale about a pooch who fond her own way home."—a trailer you'll see in about 5 years, probably 

A story coming out of Missouri is prime for Disney movie magic. But before Tabitha's adventure comes to the big screen, you can enjoy the origin story that had a happy ending before Disney creates a storyline that depresses the hell out of you.

To be clear, we don't know if Disney is actually making a movie out of this lost dog situation. We're just assuming. And you know what happens when we assume…we are 100% right 39% of the time.

So Tabitha, this adorable bichon poodle, went missing after her owner Alfred Schaefer, who suffers from Alzheimer's, took the dog for a walk but never came back home. His wife, Kelly, thankfully tracked down Alfred but couldn't find Tabitha.

A couple of days later, Fox 4 in Kansas City ran a story about Kelly and Alfred searching for their five-year-old dog and when it aired on TV, the right person saw it. Or, to be more specific, the right animal saw it.

Tabitha had been already been found and taken in by another family, but they wanted to find her original owners. Until the news report came out, they weren't having much luck tracking down Tabitha's family.

When the news reporter finally aired (above), Tabitha and her temporary owners were watching TV, and reportedly the dog perked her head up when the Kelly and Alfred appeared on the screen. The response was so immediate that they knew before even seeing a photo that this was the lost dog on the television.

"FOX 4 immediately received a call from the person who found her. She says Tabitha perked up when Kelly and Alfred appeared in the story," the station reports. "The woman realized the dog's name was Tabitha by the way she responded."

Tabitha was quickly reunited with her family and is now safely back home. 

"We were worried sick," Kelly said. "We're just so happy to have her back."

Now who wants to pitch titles for the Disney movie based on this story? Tabitha's Journey? Bridge to Tabitha? A Tail of Two TV Screens?

Help us out, guys!

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