Emmy Rossum Has 6 Reasons Why Adopting Pets Will Change Your Life

Shameless star told us that rescuing animals saves two lives: the pet and the owner's

By Jenna Mullins Feb 12, 2015 10:52 PMTags
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Today Shameless star and insanely beautiful human being (inside and out) Emmy Rossum visited the E! Online offices with Best Friends Animal Society and No Kill Los Angeles (NKLA) to show off her newly-adopted dog, Pepper. After fawning over her new puppy, we were able to sit down and talk to her about why adopting is always better than buying your pets.

When it comes to the "adopt, don't shop," mantra, Emmy is preaching to the choir here at E! Online. But for any of you out there who might be thinking about adding a furry member to your household, let us and Emmy tell you why you need to adopt from a shelter.

1. You're saving a life

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Unfortunately, shelters that reach maximum capacity have to euthanize unwanted animals, and just in Los Angeles in 2013, 9,000 healthy and adoptable cats and dogs were killed out of the 50,000 who entered L.A. shelters. That's 1 death for every 5 that entered the shelter system. NKLA is working hard to reduce that number by getting pets adopted out and by keeping animals spayed and neutered.  

So when you adopt an animal from a shelter, you are literally saving a life.

2. You're saving your life


If you have adopted pets in the past, then you know this feeling that Emmy is talking about here:

"Just overall, knowing that you did something for an animal in need is such a fulfilling feeling," she says. "You think you are rescuing them, but really—this sounds cheesy, but they kind of end up rescuing you."

Your life will change forever for the better once you rescue a pet. We can promise that.

(By the way, the woman holding the kitten in the above photo fell in love with Missy so quickly that she adopted her right then and there!)

3. Shelter pets have fewer health problems than pure breeds

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"I've done both, so I know the difference. I have a dog that was bought as a present for me that's a purebred, and I have a rescue cat and a rescue dog," Emmy tells us. "Getting any kind of animal is a huge responsibility, but overall, [adopted pets] have fewer health problems than a purebred. "

4. It's cheaper to adopt!

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Not only are you spending less money to rescue you a life, but the money you are spending is going to the shelter so they can have the resources to save more pets!

"It's way cheaper!" Emmy exclaims. "Why would you go spend a thousand dollars on a dog when you can spend $50? This is better in every way. I would never buy a dog ever again."

5. Get your pets from a shelter, not a pet store

How much is that puppy in the window? Too much, and purchasing the puppy is giving money to organizations that commercially breed pets. But hopefully, that will one day change. Best Friends and NKLA was instrumental in passing legislation that prohibits any pet store in Los Angeles from selling commercially bred pets. Now, any dog or cat that enters a pet store in L.A. must come from a shelter or rescue group. Maybe one day that will be the law in every city in America.

6. You will be 47 percent* happier after adopting a pet


*totally made up percentage, but you'll definitely be happier than you were before your new fluffy addition

Once you rescue you a pet, you will never be the same, in the best way possible. You will be forever changed and so much happier having someone to look out for and having someone to look after you.

Ready to adopt? NKLA's website and Best Friends Animal Society's can help you find a pet to take home! For the month of February, cat and dog adoptions at NKLA are only $25!

Want to volunteer? Find out how you can help shelter pets with NKLA or Best Friends.

Interested in donating? Every little bit counts! Help NKLA and Best Friends save lives.

Need more info on these organizations? Check out what NKLA and Best Friends are all about by visiting their websites.