Jeep Wrangler GoPro fail, Selfie Stick


Selfie sticks are, for the most part, the worst invention in human history. Right behind that damn fake fish you hang on the wall that sings whenever someone walks past it. What was that thing called? Doesn't matter, it was awful. And so are selfie sticks.

We do honestly enjoy using them for big group shots because obviously we have so many friends and it's hard to squeeze them all in using just our iPhone because then Becky gets mad because she got cut off and she starts yelling about how she's more important than Daphne…it just turns into a mess. But anyway, selfie sticks are the worst. That's why most events and theme parks ban them. Because they are the worst and also, straight up dangerous.

Want more proof? Look at this dude. He put a GoProon a selfie stick, stuck it on his Jeep window and thought "this is going to go well and not end horribly."

He was wrong. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Sure , you could blame the guy holding the selfie stick for just being a moron. You could blame the car in front of him. 

We choose to blame the selfie stick. Always, always blame the selfie stick.

(H/T Someecards)

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