He's only 17 months old, but Otis Sudeikis is already a basketball star.

Dad Jason Sudeikis stopped by The Tonight Show Thursday, so he and host Jimmy Fallon bonded over their commonality: They both have tiny tots at home! The Sleeping With Other People star, who is a well known basketball lover, explained to Jimmy that while he loves the sport, he isn't trying to force it on Otis. Should he develop a love of the game on his own, however, well that would be A-OK.

Apparently Otis has done just that, as basketball is the reason he was forced to get up and walk! Jason said Otis had been playing with his little friends when the dad realized everyone else's children were walking except his.

"I'm thinking is this my fault? Am I not walking enough in front of him? It's the drinking. It's the Segway," Jason joked.

But when he and Otis' mom, Olivia Wilde, gave the tot a basketball in May, Otis realized he could only get from one side of the court to the other by using his legs since his hands were unavailable. And voilà! That's how he started to walk.

"You get to watch evolution happen in front of your very eyes," Jason said. "Because he was crawling forever."

As a result, Jason immediately bought Otis his own little hoop to have in his room. Much to the viewers' delight, Jason also brought along a video of his adorable son slam-dunking. The footage shows Otis hobbling to the hoop, but his excited reaction after the puts the ball through the rim is what's even more amazing.

Unfortunately, Jason wasn't pleased.

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"I love him going strong to the hoop," Jason said, "but the show-boating's gotta stop. Hanging on the rim's a technical. The gloating like that—look they'll love it at Madison Square Garden. They'll love it at Barclays. They'll love it at home."

"You take that junk to Atlanta," he added, "Twitter's going to crush him! #CalmDownKid."

He also referred to Otis as his "little show pony."

Hopefully Otis couldn't hear his dad speaking ill about him, as Otis was just backstage with his mom while Jason and Jimmy chatted! Olivia shared a picture of her son "cheering dad."

Watch the video above to see Otis adorably slam-dunk!

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