With parents like Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde, it's no wonder Otis Sudeikis is an absolutely adorable little boy!

If you ask dad, though, mom's the reason their 7-month-old son is such a cutie! On Thursday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Horrible Bosses 2 star showed off some seriously aww-worthy pics. When the daytime host couldn't help but coo over Otis, calling his good looks "ridiculous," Jason gushed, "That's his mom's doing—the majority of it."

The 39-year-old first-time father couldn't say enough sweet things about his fiancée, who, BTW, also gets credit for picking the name Otis. "That's his mom too," he told Ellen. "She's been a fan of Otis Redding since she was a little girl. So she's been cool forever, obviously. Yeah, and I was like that sounds great."

Jason and Olivia, 30, are quick to give each other credit. As she explained to InStyle last year, that's largely because they're always on the same team. "There are spikes and dips and plateaus in this business. I've seen couples fall apart through it, and it is heartbreaking," she said. "You wonder what will happen—will he love me if I'm not as successful? Will jealousy kill us? I know there will be times when Jason is working more than I am, but I'm actually excited by that. I'm excited by what he will become, what depth he has."

Soooo, they're both smitten! But Ellen noted to Jason that although he and Olivia have been engaged to marry since January 2013, as of now, she's "still your girlfriend."

So why are they "not technically" married yet? And does it have something to do with a scantily clad picture of Ellen hanging over their marital bed? Watch the clip above to find out all about that, the Sudeikis-Wilde sleeping quarters and to see more precious pics of baby Otis!

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