Matt Lauer can't keep any secrets!

The Today show co-anchor participated in Vogue's 73 Questions and didn't hold anything back when it came to answering the rapid-fire questions. He revealed the answers to both serious and silly questions, but there was only one he wouldn't answer: Who is his favorite child?

"Don't even tried that," he said while laughing.

But when it came to answering everything else, Lauer was all honesty all the time! He even made a couple of jokes along the way, including when he was asked to reveal, "What's in the Matt Lauer cocktail?"

"Vodka with a twist of Ambien," he joked. We probably won't be asking a mixologist to craft that for us, but we can get behind his other favorite drink: "A good red wine." Just pour us a glass and let us hang out with him, Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford and we're all set!

Matt Lauer


And seeing as he said, "We all really get along," regarding life onset with his co-workers, we think they would all be more than willing to have a little get together! Al RokerCarson Dalyand Martha Stewart even got in on the fun, asking him all sorts of questions on the spot. Lauer had to confess several regrets, including a tweet he wished he had never published.

"The one that said, 'I welcome your responses,'" he admitted.

As for whether or not he makes it tough on the cast and crew of Today? He doesn't! He's not "hard to work with," he tells the questioner.

All serious questions aside, Vogue asked the morning show host which Kardashian sister he relates to the most, and if you have anyone in mind, guess again! "We're all soul mates," he dished.

Lauer isn't the first interviewee to participate in the intense series. Victoria Beckhamhas also been subjected to the questioning, and even revealed why she doesn't smile! During her video, she confessed she's "smiling on the inside." She also revealed her biggest wardrobe regrets, and unfortunately for Spice Girlsfans, they all take place during that iconic era!


To find out what else Lauer has to say, including his thoughts on brown dress shoes, watch the video!   

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