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Ellen DeGeneres clearly enjoys pulling one over on her pal Matt Lauer.

With the help of some clever digital edits, the daytime talk show host has given the Today anchor a kinky foot fetish and an S&M-style Fifty Shades of Grey makeover, but enough is enough. It took a lot of balls, but finally, Lauer has accomplished his "Mission: Revenge" payback on the queen of pranks herself!

He didn't do it alone, though. Earlier this month on NBC's Today, Lauer announced his plans. "I have now dedicated half of our staff to working on this prank," he said. "I'm also accepting applications for prank producers, and if you have ideas for a prank for Ellen, tweet me. I will be checking that out all day today."

Ellen DeGeneres, Matt Lauer

Today, Andrew Eccles/NBC

Finally, after countless hours of prank planning, Lauer was ready to put his plan into action. During a taping of DeGeneres' show, she remained "blissfully unaware" as 20,000 ping pong balls were dumped in through the sunroom of her "beloved Porsche Cayenne."

When DeGeneres discovered her car was filled to the brim with balls, she was less than thrilled! "Seriously? I mean, seriously?" She opened front door and back doors of the car, standing back as thousands of balls poured out. It didn't take but a moment for her to figure out the culprit.

"I'll get you, Matt Lauer!" she screamed. "Damn you, Lauer! He's littering. This is against the law!"

DeGeneres got a hold of Lauer on Facetime, where the Today co-host seemed quite pleased with his prank. "How are you?" he asked with a grin. "What is that behind you? It looks like a real mess!"

"Oh, I'm great," she deadpanned. "We were just gonna start a beer pong tournament so I needed to buy like 20,000 ping pong balls. So, the joke's on you, Lauer!"

"You have to admit, Ellen," he said, "it took a lot of balls to pull of this prank!"

"I was gonna say that," she replied, laughing.

But Lauer shouldn't gloat for too long—he messed with the master! "Before it was fun and games. It was jokes," DeGeneres warned. "But now it's on, Lauer!"

Uh-oh! On Thursday's Today, Lauer admitted to his co-hosts he was a bit fearful of DeGeneres' next move. "You know the definition of a nanosecond?" he asked. "That's the period of time between feeling good about getting her back and being scared for your life."

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