"And they called it puppy love"...

That's at least true for J. Cole.

The rapper just released the music video for his song "Wet Dreamz," and it stars two completely adorable pups. The song is about Cole's first time with a girl, but you could probably figure that out from the not-subtle-at-all title.

We'll spare you some of the slightly NSFW details of the song lyrics, but the basic gist is that J. Cole is a virgin with a big crush on a girl in his math class. He's too embarrassed to admit he's a sex newbie, so he talks a big game and then ends up completely nervous. Since this material would be a bit hot and heavy for a music video, he decided to go the humorous route and have puppies act out the courtship.

That's right...puppies. In a video about losing your virginity. But it totally works!

Playing the part of young J. Cole is a German shepherd, and a tiny Cavalier King Charles spaniel portrays his crush. The pups go through the typical wooing process—they sniff butts, they wrestle, they share chew toys and don't even get us started on all the tail-wagging. There are also some even more tongue-in-cheek moments: The young German shepherd studying elephant porn or examining a sock while Cole raps about condoms comes to mind. 

Are you grossed out yet? Well you shouldn't be, because the whole thing is actually completely hilarious. If our sex ed teacher had used this video, we would have paid a lot closer attention.

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