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Are you ready to feel a little icky on this Monday morning?

An unreleased duet between Chris Brown and Rihanna just leaked and it's, well, kind of icky. The song is called "Put It Up," and it's rumored to be a leftover from Brown's last album, recorded circa 2013. Chris teased the song over two years ago, telling MTV the track was "youthful and at the same time sexy." He was certainly right about the sex part.

We won't go into too much gory detail about the song (you can hear it for yourself after all), but let's just say it's pretty unabashedly dirty. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what lyrics like "You're the only one I wanna stay on the phone with/ Oh the late night Skype sex" mean. Or "Girl let me take you for a ride." Or even "Imma write my name with my tongue on your back baby." And those are just the lyrics that don't need censoring.

Aside from the blatant display of PDA, this song also elicits the feels for an entirely different reason: It's another disturbing reminder of their troubled relationship. It was hard enough for many of Rihanna's fans to stomach the singers' reconciliation, and now this song is like audio evidence of the tragedy. Lyrics like "Your property, treat me like I'm your property/ Do what you wanna, take command" are a whole lot heavier when they're coming from these two.

The worst part of the song is the fact that it wasn't released; it was leaked. It's a safe bet to say that RiRi doesn't need anymore reminders about this time in her life, and now she has one that couldn't be more in-your-face. 

Listen to the track in its entirety below and let us know what you think.

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