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These days we're thinking a lot about the royal family. Well to be honest, we're always nursing a little obsession with Kate Middleton (WWKMD?!). 

But now that royal fascination has gotten even bigger, thanks to the impending arrival of Royal Baby Number 2. The little bundle of joy could be entering the world any day now, which means that basically the entire world has royal on the brain.

We got to thinking about what life might be like for the approaching bundle of joy, when we realized we don't actually have much firsthand information on what it's like to be a prince or princess. After all, we've never been part of the royal family ourselves—and unfortunately we don't have any nobles in our friend circle either. 

In fact, pretty much all of our preconceptions of life spent in a palace stem from pop culture—cheesy 2000s movies in particular. From What a Girl Wants to The Prince and Me, these flicks have taught us so many valuable life lessons. Well, valuable is probably putting it generously.

Still, since we've spent our fair share of time watching and re-watching these hilarious films, we decided to let you in a few things we've learned about being royal. Because if it's in a movie it has to be true, right?

1. Every time your plane lands in London/you step out of your royal limousine/you look at Big Ben, "Rule Brittania" will play in the background.

2. If there's a commoner in the presence of royals, they will fall in front of everybody—most often into a fountain.

What a Girl Wants gif


3. The best way to let people know you're a royal? Wear tweed and/or unnecessarily long gloves.

Anne Hathaway, Princess Diaries

Walt Disney Pictures

4. If you're a woman you cannot be single in any circumstance.

5. You'll become BFFs with your bodyguard.

Princess Diaries Bodyguard

6. Your family will never approve of you dating a first.

7. The best way to start a fight with said commoner is to lie about your royal status.

8. Someone's always got a drug problem.

The Royals

9. A royals' diet consists of snails/caviar/squid/octopus. They've never heard of potato chips.

10. Whenever you try on clothes you get your own personal fitting room montage.

What a Girl Wants Fitting Room GIF
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