Forget about Broadway! You can see a hit musical on the corner of Beverly Blvd. and Genesee Ave. in Los Angeles if you want.

James Corden decided to stage a revival of Grease on that exact intersection—conveniently located near CBS Studios—and we're not exaggerating. He really did put on a performance while the traffic light was red. But how did he choose who would play each role? Well, it was tough.

"Casting was tricky," he admitted. "It always is. It always will be when you're dealing with a company like this."

The Late Late Show host then asked the female performers how many sexual partners they've had in the past, and the answers varied. One woman revealed her number fell in the sixties while another admitted "kind of one." But when another castmate revealed her number, Corden chose her for a special role.

"72, you're Rizzo."

James Corden


Every time the light turned red, Corden (playing Danny Zuko, of course) and his cast would take to the street to perform the musical's hit songs, including "Greased Lightning." The late-night host gave the performance his all, even jumping on the hood of a car during the song's finale. While drivers were into the performance at first, they quickly became agitated when the cast got in the way of their green light.

That didn't stop the Brit from having his big moment, though! He stayed smack in the middle of the crosswalk to finish his big on-street debut, taking some final bows and even receiving a bouquet of roses for his amazing work.

This isn't the first time Corden has shaken up his new show. Just recently he brought on Jeff Goldblum to guest host The Late Late Show out of someone's house! The homeowner was more than welcoming, but definitely wasn't too comfortable when Corden brought in a zookeeper and a python!

Watch the video above to see how intense Corden gets about staging the perfect the street! 

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