James Corden is still adjusting to his new gig as host of CBS' Late Late Show, but he's already finding that the drive to work can be long and a little lonely.

Fortunately for the late-night newcomer, Mariah Carey was more than happy to ride shotgun! The Grammy winner even joined her British buddy in singing karaoke in the car—to the tune of her own hits!

Mariah was hesitant at first, telling James, "I'm not singing today. I was up all night!" But when "Always Be My Baby" just happened to come on the radio, she couldn't resist singing along!

The twosome also had some fun belting out versions of "Thirsty," "Fantasy" and "Vision of Love"—all beloved Mariah hits!

"How many No. 1's have you had?" James asked. "18?"

"Yes, 18," Mariah said proudly. "That's why my age stays 18...We'll celebrate my 18th birthday with the fact that I've had 18 No. 1s."

Mariah is actually in her forties, but don't mention that to her! Nick Cannon's ex can be silly and flirt just like a teenager, something she demonstrated with James.

"You're so hot. Stop it," the Late Late Show host said as she removed her sunglasses to bat her eyelashes at him. "I'm a married man. You've gotta stop what you're doing, cause I know exactly what you're doing. Oh, my goodness. I can read you like a book."

Of course, Mariah was only joking around. She's doing just fine flying solo for the time being—just look at the blinged-out butterfly ring she now wears instead of a wedding band!

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