A stranger named Tommy debatably had the best night of his life Thursday.

James Corden of the Late Late Show decided to give his show a shakeup only two weeks into his takeover. How do you shakeup a late-night show? By knocking on random door's and asking to host the show in question inside the home. Forget the studios, James and the viewers got to meet Tommy.

Tommy and his two pals generously welcomed James and his crew with open arms, but little did they know they would be getting a whole lot more than just those people (and their band). Lo and behold, none other than dorky hunk Jeff Goldblum walks into the room and all is right in the world...because who doesn't love Jeff?! In addition to gracing the screen with his presence, Jeff also revealed that he brought everyone presents. Presents!

He gave everyone T-shirts that have a picture of his face on it. #Blessed.

Even though it all seems too good to be true already, the new late-night host continued to break out all the stops while taking over Tommy's home. Because every talk show needs a special guest, James brought in Rick Schwartz of the San Diego Zoo...who brought with him a kangaroo, an owl and a 15-foot Burmese python named Julius Squeezer. Do with that what you will.

Everyone immediately became uncomfortable with the giant python LOL. Apparently this group doesn't have any snake fans. But Schwartz reassured them, "The worst this snake will do is hug you."

James Corden


But Corden wasn't going to fall for that old trick. He called out the zookeeper by saying, "I think they call it prep for lunch."

Although Schwartz tried to reassure everyone that they were safe from the 90-pound reptile, the only consolation and tension-breaker that seemed to work was a classic penis joke, provided by James.

"Finally your python and this one are face to face," he quipped. "That's why you're so at ease. You're used to a 50-foot python just hanging on your crotch."

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