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If we were to sum up how the writers and directors of all the Fast and Furious films felt about accuracy regarding physics, it would be this:


Not that we're even mad about it, because who cares about logic when someone is jumping off a truck that is stuck on the side of a speeding train onto a car going full speed toward a cliff?!

With Furious 7 blessedly upon us, and because the trailer showed us a scene that will surely join this list in the future, we wanted to take a look at all the times the Fast franchise just DGAF about physics.

1. The never-ending runway, Fast & Furious 6

We didn't know that a 200-mile runway existed! How convenient that these guys found it so they could spend 15 minutes on a plane as it was taking off!

2. Drift racing in a parking garage, Tokyo Drift

We believe that this is actually possible, but we don't believe this dude did it so perfectly without practicing it 50 times beforehand. 

3. Sliding under an exploding fuel tank, Fast & Furious

Dom (Vin Diesel) is either a physics genius and quickly and correctly predicted exactly when to slide and and at exactly what angle to slide, or he's reeeeally lucky. We choose to believe the first one.

4. Ass fingerprints, Fast Five

We're pretty sure that's not how fingerprints work, but we're only experts in the sense that we watched a lot of CSI when it still had Gil Grissom (William Petersen) running the show.

5. Beating a speeding train, Fast and Furious 

The original "that's not how that works" stunt. Also, please no one ever actually try to do this.

6. Dragging the tank through Rio, Fast Five

These guys seem to have a lot of control over a giant safe that's tethered to their speeding vehicles.

7. Jumping the bridge, 2 Fast 2 Furious

It's not that we don't think people driving over the edge of a bridge is legit, but we refuse to believe a strong female character would yell "smack that ass" as she pulled off a killer stunt.

8. Driving out of the front of a plane, Fast & Furious 6

The writers finally decided that the longest runway ever was finally running out of road, so it was time to get Dom out of there...through the nose of the plane. As the plane was on fire. And crashing.

9. The fight between Dom and Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), Fast Five 

Just two gigantic men throwing each other through concrete and metal for two minutes straight. And no one ended up dead.

10. Landing a plane on a yacht, 2 Fast 2 Furious

We can't manage to parallel park, but these guys just casually find a prime spot on a yacht. Whatever.

11. Jumping off a speeding train onto a car, Fast Five

Brian (Paul Walker) should probably have a broken sternum from this, but then again, we're not doctors or scientists. If we were, both the medical field and the science world would be in huge trouble as we struggle with basic math.

12. The Jump, Fast & Furious 6

That's right, it's now officially called "The Jump," as it will go down in cinema history as the most "who needs physics?!" scene ever. Dom defies gravity, becomes an actual immortal superhero and jumps from a speeding car through the air to save Letty's life. And they both come out with barely a scratch.

Furious 7 brings the action and no logic whatsoever to theaters this weekend!

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