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Whether or not you're a dedicated fan of the Fast and the Furious franchise, we're guessing people will turn out in waves to see the misadventures of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) if only to see the latter's face on the big screen one more time.

That alone might make the movie worth it, but Walker's untimely passing aside, do critics agree that Furious 7 is a worthwhile installment? Read on to see whether or not this film got a little too fast and too furious or if it was just enough.

For starters, most critics believe that somehow this movie went beyond all the rest with its insane stunts and gravity-defying scenes. With six predecessors, you'd think they would've run out of ideas, but saying goodbye to Walker requires this franchise to go out with a bang (but who knows if it actually will end...?). 

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Richard Corliss of Time magazine writes, "...Opening nine months after the initial July 2014 release date, proves how splendidly, if preposterously, movie fiction can trump human tragedy. Without stinting on the greatest hits of the earlier films, it underlines the first law of cinema: that movies—and the people, stories and machines in them — have to move, collide, combust."

He continues, "Secure in this knowledge, 7 meets the demanding standards of the two previous entries, the crazy-great Fast Five and its amped-up, purified sequel Furious 6, while providing a tender onscreen farewell for the fallen Walker. It's an enormous, steroidal blast, and as much ingenious fun as a blockbuster can be."

Will Leitch of Deadspin agrees: Furious 7 somehow manages to blow the others out of the water. "This truly is the Fast and Furious movie to end them all, spectacle-wise...Car chases have been a staple of movies since there have been movies, but honestly, I can't help but feel this is some sort of peak."

Even though Walker's brothers had to help fill out some of their brother's missing scenes, Leitch writes that their inclusion was "pretty much seamless."

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Variety's Scott Foundas notes that the tragedy that hindered the movie's production and a change of director could have hampered the outcome of Furious 7, but says this installment "emerged miraculously unscathed." He also writes that even though there was "no way" Walker could have known this would be his last film, "it may be the ultimate compliment to say that he plays each moment as though it were his last."

He adds, "And, when the time does come for his Brian O'Conner to bid adieu, the movie arranges it in a way that feels fully earned and well within the boundaries of good taste."

A.V. Club's Jesse Hassenger praises the franchise's ability to "gather" iconic actions stars such as Jason Statham but questions the roles of other, "less physical" cast members. "...Ludacrissheds his tech-expert role to dole out an inexplicable beatdown, and due respect to Paul Walker, but he's no hardcore action fan's idea of a dream match-up against Tony Jaa, the dexterous star of Ong-Bak."

Do you plan to see Furious 7? Sound off in the comments below! 

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