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This Wednesday, E! history will be made with the premiere of the network's first ever scripted show: The Royals

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably seen those "Anarchy in the Monarchy" billboards plastered all over town, and got the sense that the show is sexy, highly stylized and dripping with FUN.

All that is true. From the episodes I've seen, I can tell you that this is the best guilty-pleasure TV drama to premiere in a very long time. And sidenote: You don't even have to feel guilty about it! The stories are rich, the relationships are filled with heart and emotional gravitas, and some of the insane one-liners will make you spit out your tea. (Or vodka—as is more often the case on this show.) The Royals is truly gripping, addictive television…and gets better with each episode.

Kristin Dos Santos, The Royals


But the number one reason I truly hope you all will tune into The Royals this Sunday? The cast, whom I have gotten to know over the past few weeks, and for whom I believe you will fall completely head over heels.

You obviously already know the international treasure that is Elizabeth Hurley, who slays in her role as Queen Helena, the fictitious queen of England. As creator Mark Schwahn puts it: "She was born to play this role." And as every viewer will put it: "I really should start taking better care of myself." (We are currently pursuing a tip she's a vampire who drinks unicorn blood.)

The rest of the cast? They are far lesser-known, and so worth discovering, including William Moseley as Prince Liam (all grown up from Chronicles of Narnia), Merrit Patterson and Sophie Coquhoun as Liam's love interests, Ophelia and Gemma, Tom Austen as sexy bodyguard from hell Jasper, Jake Maskall as the king's evil brother Cyrus, Vincent Regan as the King, and of course the spot-on casting of Alexandra Park as Elizabeth Hurley's daughter on the show, Princess Eleanor.

The Royals

Tim Whitby/E!

"For most of our cast, this show is really their first big break, and it's a life-changing experience, and that's just been incredibly cool to be a part of," explains The Royals creator Mark Schwahn.

"I feel like I've fallen into a pot of gold here," Alexandra told me with tears in her eyes at the show's NYC premiere party. "I mean it's a huge change for me. It's insane. It's everything I've ever worked for and have dreamed of. It's still not quite real."

As someone who's been covering TV for more than a decade (and in the market for Hurley's unicorn blood), I can tell you, after getting to know them on screen and off, that The Royals cast is one of the most grounded and truly likeable casts. None of them are taking a single moment for granted, and most of them have been working their whole lives for this moment. And this Sunday is that moment, when The Royals finally premieres on E!

Now here's your homework, and you will be quizzed: Watch the interviews below, and see why this group of newcomers is so worth your time…

Then check out The Royals on Wednesday 25th March at 9PM on E!

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