Kissing Dogs

In case you missed it, there was a video recently floating around the Internet that featured strangers meeting and then making out with each other. You know, for art! It was awkward, beautiful and romantic.

But then we all found out it was kind of fake and actually an advertisement for Wren Studio. The "strangers" were actually actors and models. While they all were technically strangers, these people are trained to be in sexy positions with people they just met, so we don't buy the whole "aw shucks" magic. It was all a lie!

Anyway, you can watch the video below if you want to watch hot people kiss. And who doesn't?

But now, let's get to the only kissing video you need to watch. Soon after that first video went viral, launched a paraody video of the "First Kiss" project, and it's real. It's honest. It's beautiful. It's better. Why? Because it stars dogs!

Yes, there is butt sniffing. But mostly it's just adorable canines giving each other sweet kisses moments after meeting. This is the video that should have gone viral. But if we find out these dogs are actually actors, we'll be so pissed.

Watch "First Sniff" (ha! Get it?) below:

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