Mondays are always the worst. So as your workday comes to an end (and with the full knowledge that you have four more of these ahead of you before the weekend), why not treat yo'self to some adorable dog videos to take the edge off?

And what could possibly be more adorable than a puppy drinking out of a bottle?

Having lost their mom at only two weeks old, this litter of 10 puppies came to Wayside Waifs. Hungry, sick and cold, our staff vaccinated them, wrapped them in blankets and gave them their first Wayside bottle.

This next video comes with no description, but might just be the most amazing thing we have ever seen. 11 dogs wait patiently behind a gate as they are called by name, one by one, to get dinner.

If anyone can train our dogs to do this, please contact us IMMEDIATELY.

And a day in the world of dog videos would hardly be complete without the big three: Arguably the three most popular breeds when it comes to viral videos, the A-Listers of canine Internet stars, the wickedly talent, the one and only...


Our pug is deaf, so he is not to sure what he is saying so when he gets exited he starts "singing". He is one old chap and very friendly, 11 years old! He is a healthy dog and loves to be around people, sometimes he even "sings" when no one is around. I can assure you he is not in pain, but is just excited.


I Just happen to drop a warhead on the ground and Mini didn't seem to like it!

(Who even knew people were still eating Warheads??)

And husky (aka the new corgi):

Just a woman trying to wake up her boyfriend using a laser pointer and a Husky...

We would not mind waking up this way. Kind of looks like a massage.

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