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Got a case of the midweek blues? Don't fret, we're here to help!

We've got juicy scoop on TV's hottest shows to share with you in today's Spoiler Chat, including Emily's newest threat on Revenge, a possible exit on The Mentalist and the chances of seeing a certain fan favorite guest star pop on Bones again. Plus, someone on Pretty Little Liars is in serious danger.

Plus, we've got scoop on Reign, Hell on Wheels and more...

Barbara: Anything on Revenge? This season is insanely good!
Is Emily's cover about to be blown?! Fans will be meeting the clever and dangerous NYPD Homicide Detective Brian Hosko later this season and he is definitely onto her. And yes, you read that right: homicide is hitting the Hamptons again!

Fiona: Desperate for any PLL scoop!
What do a paramedic and two surgeons have in common? All three are featured in the season five premiere of Pretty Little Liars, which will find one of our beloved characters in serious danger.

Frank: The Mentalist is my favorite show, so any info would be great!
Brace yourselves, people, because a beloved member of the team is considering a major career move. Oh, you actually want to know who it is? Fine, we'll tell you, but only because you look nice this morning: It's Lisbon! (P.S. Have you voted for The Mentalist in Save One Show yet?)

Meghan: I loved seeing Freddie Prinze Jr. back on Bones! Will be return again this season?
Sorry, FPJ lovers, but we will  not be seeing Danny Beck again this season. But Prinze tells us that he's "open" to coming back next season. "I had a really good experience. I was fortunate enough to get to work with the same director who worked with me on the first one, which made it even more familiar and cool," he says. "I love working with those guys, we're all at very similar points in our lives, so we work in a very complementary way and everybody kind of took care of everybody, so I'm definitely open to it, but I haven't spoken to them about season 10 yet." Get on that, people! (P.S. Check back a little later to meet the new Squint!

Reign, Torrance Coombs, Adelaide Kane

Sven Frenzel/The CW

Helen: The Fosters continues to be the most underrated show on TV, so help spread the word by giving out some scoop!
Wish granted. When Stef and Elena away, the kids will play. Well, more like Callie will play as she decides to throw a big party when the couple goes out of town for a relaxing weekend. As all teen movies and shows have taught us, this will not end well.

Dani: Rain some Reign spoilers down on me, please!
First: ew! Second: OK! Prepare to see the return of playboy Bash after Mary chose Francis over him, with Torrance Coombs teasing, "We're going to see a little bit more of that side of him." And in addition to Rowan, who fans will meet in Thursday's ep, Coombs says there's a "definite possibility" that Bash may find a lady at Court. "There's a lot of character in the castle. There's a lot of very attractive women, so we'll just have to see." Cheeky bastard, indeed.

Derek: I never see any spoilers on Hell on Wheels, what gives?!
How's this for a juicy season four tease: We'll be meeting Cullen's wife in the premiere and her name is Naomi. She's 20, and because she grew up in a Mormon fort, she's reserved and subservient, but finds herself drawn to the exotic life Cullen introduces her too. Oh, and they have a [spoiler] in the premiere.

Michael: Anything on Teen Wolf?
We've already introduced you to two newbies you'll be meeting in season four and now we're spilling another new face you'll be seeing: Dr. Geyer, the hospital's new administrator who happens to be charming and intelligent, as well as handsome. Hm...new love interest for Mama McCall?!

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