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Are you ready for your weekly heart attack?

Grab that bowl of popcorn and open up your favorite bottle of red wine—it's Scandal night! We all know that any true OPA fan would rather curl up on the couch watching the best drama on TV than run around with all the pervy sexting pervy pervs out on Halloween night.

So to reward you for your Scandal-loving loyalties, we've gathered up everything you need to know about tonight's episode from the fiery fierce gladiator, Darby Stanchfield. In addition to snagging heart-warming details about Abby and David's (Joshua Malina) on-again-off-again sex-crazed romance, we've got all the scoop on Abby's fashion-forward make-over, and why Lisa Kudrow will make you blubber like a baby.

Plus, we also coaxed the actress into revealing if she's on Team Jake (Scott Foley) or Team Fitz (Tony Goldwyn)—and you won't believe who she's rooting for!

First things first, let's just clear the air, shall we? Darby Stanchfield knows that she's not necessarily everyones favorite gladiator, but we all can agree on one thing: she has the most hilariously fun one-liners! From the season one classic, "Paige is a whore!" to the more elaborate season two zinger, "Stupid money-grubbing mistress whore," Abby definitely has a way with words.

"She doesn't water anything down and she kind of doesn't care," Stanchfield laughs. "I wish I were more like that in real life because it's just so liberating to read and to play it and to see it as a woman—it's just amazing. I'm a big fan of that part of Abby."

Not to worry Scandal quoters, the actress says we'll get another Abby-tastic insult in tonight's all-new episode," More Cattle, Less Bull." Stanchfield promises, "There's another really fabulous line that comes out in this next episode, a one-line stinger that is just going to be a lot of fun, especially on Twitter."

And speaking of Twitter, the Dabby fans (David and Abby—sheesh guys, keep up!) have been all aflutter about their will-they-won't-they romance. The Scandal star confesses that David will be getting a deeper peek into the skeletons in Abby's dark past closet.  

"If Abby's past was a cookie jar, the lid is opened up and we get another crumb," she says. "I can't say much but you do get more information about Abby and David is involved and it's a very very beautiful and bittersweet scene."

Stanchfield explains that this new information from Abby's past has the potential to put a wedge in their "cat and mouse" relationship. The actress reveals, "She doesn't expose it to him, she tries to hide it from him. It's really interesting how the writers reveal this next crumb of Abby's past marital life. She tries desperately to hide it from him and he finds out." We can practically feel the tear welling up in our eyes!

Lisa Kudrow, Scandal

ABC/Richard Cartwright

Indeed tonight's episode is going to be an emotional one, especially with the return of Lisa Kudrow's character. Stanchfield explains that working with Kudrow was "like a breath of fresh air," but if you're looking to see Phoebe on your screens tonight—think again. "There's a scene where Lisa Kudrow gives a speech in this episode that made me cry and it actually made me blubber a little bit."

Kudrow's character comes to Olivas Pope's (Kerry Washington) team of badass gladiators for help covering up the child she gave up when she was 15-years-old. Although we will get to see a little bit of the light-hearted Kudrow that we all know and love, her character is definitely going to be a tough-as-nails political opponent for Fitz.

"She plays this characters that has a temperamental side. You'll get to see some of her darker colors and it's just fun to see that [from Kudrow]." Stanchfield reveals, "But she'll still make you laugh, there's still moments where she'll make you laugh, of course." Anyone else hoping for a Scandalized rendition of "Smelly Cat"?

Kerry Washington, Scott Foley, Scandal

ABC/Ron Tom

Now let's get to the good stuff: Team Jake or Team Fitz? Each guy has their sexy pros and their mysterious cons, but when it comes to the battle for Olivia's heart, both are worthy advisories. So we asked Stanchfield which team Abby, Olivia's closest and most honest friend, would side with. And the answer is…

None of the above! The Scandal star explains that Abby is on "Team Olivia." She explains, "Abby's love for Olivia and her loyalty for Olivia, that whole over a cliff mentality is just more and more evident as we go forward and Olivia seems to be caught up in more trouble. I think Abby is all for team Olivia and whatever is best for her."

No matter what team you're on, all fans will be happy with one particularly "sexy" scene in tonight's episode. "There's also a really, really steamy scene for anybody who is a Jake fan or a Fitz fan," she promises. "They're together and let's just say it's a very, very sexy scene."

BONUS SCOOP: Fans can thank David for Abby's sexy, sophisticated new make-over this season. The actress explains that Abby is in a happy place right now and she wants her fashion choices to reflect that, saying "The makeover is an external expression of how she's feeling internally."

The actress continues: "Abby has fallen in love again since her abusive ex-husband, she's gotten a little bit more confident in her personal life because although David and Abby were on the rocks at the end of season two, her gut was right: he did love her."

Fashion Highlight: Keep an eye out in tonight's episode for on "outrageously stunning fashion moment" for Abby. The sexy redhead will be donning a Ralph Lauren satin sage green number and we hear it's going to be a breath-taking moment.

Don't miss an all new episode of Scandal, tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC!

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